Level Up: Tips for Feeling Like a Million Bucks at a Formal Dance

Sending your child to a dance, whether it is their first or their senior prom, is always an amazing experience. And as a parent, you have the unique opportunity to help make it even more special. If you want to help your child to feel amazing at their formal dance, you simply have to put in a little more effort. There are many things you can do to help your child feel more confident and excited at their next formal. 

Do a Dress Rehearsal 

You never want to leave the makeup and clothing options for a formal until the last second. In fact, it is a good idea to try everything all together at least once before your teen actually heads out to the dance. Doing a dress rehearsal beforehand can give you and your teen the chance to see how they look and make changes if anything isn’t just right. Choose a day at least a week before the dance to do your dress rehearsal and give yourself plenty of time to help your child dress, do their hair, and try out makeup looks. Then they will feel comfortable in their clothes and overall look when they get to the dance. By putting this time in beforehand you can help your child to feel their best when the dance comes around. 

Help Them Personalize It 

A lot of the fun of a formal dance actually comes before or after the dance itself. From inviting their date, or accepting an invitation, to dinner and the other elements of the date, there is plenty of room for personalization. Get creative with the invitation or acceptance and give your teen room to come up with a fun idea that you can execute together. Then help them plan a daytime activity that will be fun for them and their date before the dance. Sometimes doing something a little more casual for that element of the day can help your teen to warm up before the more formal side of the evening. Dinner should be something that your child loves, and you can create a fun dinner environment at home or help them make a reservation at their favorite restaurant. 

Polish Up the Ride 

While some teens may go for a limo, there is actually a lot you can do to make the family car a perfect ride to their upcoming dance. In fact, sometimes using the family car can take some of the pressure off and help your child to feel more comfortable and relaxed at the dance, since it removes some of the formality and keeps things more familiar. By gussying up the family car, you can create a beautiful mode of transportation without spending a ton of extra money. Your first step should be to clean the car inside and out. Using a paint protection film on your car helps it look nice and keeps your peace of mind. Then you can add an air freshener and even decorate a little bit. Add a bottle of sparkling cider and some fun treats and your child and their date can have a perfect celebration. 

Go Dress (Or Tux) Shopping 

Helping your child choose their clothing for their formal dance can be a great bonding experience and help you to stay on top of the budget. Go to several stores so your teen can try on multiple options before choosing the one that they love most. This will help them to feel more confident since they will end up with a look that they love and that helps them to feel good about themselves. If your kid is going to the dance with a group, it can be fun for them to do some of the shopping together, so see if you can facilitate that to make things even more fun. 

Choose Flowers 

The traditional corsage and boutonniere can be a fun way for your child and their date to show off a little personality at their formal dance. Make sure you choose the flowers in advance, so they are ready before the dance and your child doesn’t miss out on this part of the tradition. Choose flowers that coordinate with the clothes your child and their date will be wearing, but also think about getting creative so they have something unique to wear. The flowers may not seem like the most important element, but it can add fun and style to the overall experience. 

Stay in Conversation 

Sometimes kids want a little space from their parents surrounding the formals they attend, and that’s okay. You don’t need to force your child to spend time preparing with you, but it is a good idea to let them know that you are available to help and to talk if they need anything. Being a comforting presence in the background can be a helpful thing, especially if your child is nervous about attending the dance. Remind them that they are amazing and encourage them to let loose and have fun at their dance. 

Make a Great Breakfast for the Next Morning 

Going to a school dance can be exhausting, and your child is likely to build up an appetite. That being said, they will probably end up falling right into bed when they come home for the night. That’s why a great breakfast for your child (and maybe their friends as well) can be a great option to finish the formal experience right. Make your child’s favorite breakfast foods, but don’t do it too early, so they have time to sleep in. Then while sharing breakfast you can talk about the great night they had. 

Going to a formal dance can be stressful for some teens, but if you help make things run smoothly, it should be a lot of fun. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures to help them document the experience. If you can pull this together your child will feel great at their dance and will come home happy and excited after an amazing night.

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