How to Create a Dance Room in Your Home

If you want your house to feel like a home, it’s important to customize it a little bit. If you’re a dancer, a dance room could be the perfect addition to your home. Here are a few tips to make the perfect dance room—whether for dancing on your own or the perfect dance party.

Convert the Room

As you’re thinking about creating a dance room in your house, you must figure out the best space for it. Some spaces that may not initially seem conducive to dancing could work quite well if properly converted.

For example, a guest bedroom could function well as a dance room if spacious enough. You could even redesign the room to have a futon instead of a normal-sized bed so that it could still function as a guest room if necessary. Having this versatility can help you maintain necessary home functions while adding in something new.

Choose the Right Floor

Choosing the right flooring will make or break your dance room. Consider the type of dance you will be doing and the particular needs you’ll have as a dancer. Maybe you want the floor to insulate the sound a little more for downstairs neighbors. Maybe you want classic wood.

Whatever type of flooring you decide on, laminate flooring could have an option that will fit those particular needs. Laminate floors are highly durable and save you on repair costs in the long run. And often, adding laminate floors can allow you to do the least damage to what’s already in your home.

Add Mirrors

Regardless of the type of dance that you want to do in your new dance room, practicing dancers need to be able to see themselves doing the dance moves they are trying to master. Putting in floor-to-ceiling mirrors on at least one of your walls can make a huge difference in the functionality of your converted dance room.

While it may initially seem difficult to add these mirrors to your walls when you don’t want to do permanent damage to the walls, it doesn’t have to be. You can purchase thin mirror tiles in various sizes at most home goods stores. Use sticky tack or another non-damaging adhesive to stick the mirror tiles to the wall.

Doing any type of remodels on your house can be difficult at first. When it comes to adding a dance room, it might seem even harder to figure out where it would fit. Starting with these suggestions can get you going towards developing your home dance studio that is perfect for any dance party.

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