Print Invitations at Home with Invitd, Save Time and Money!

Invitd was the first app ever to use text messsages to send party invitations. In our push to make sending invites easier than ever we are excited to introduce a new first!

Now you can print invites right from your phone and guests can use their phone camera to RSVP online!

Create your party in less than 60 seconds and then print invites right from the app!

We’ve already made creating an event with Invitd easier than ever. The app walks you through creating the event and then allows you to share your event via text message, social media, or now, printed invitations!

For an existing event, you can tap the ‘Print Invitation’ button for your event.

A memorable celebration is only as good as its menu—but there’s no need to prepare everything yourself. If you’re near the coast, chances are good that you’re also near some excellent hole-in-the-wall seafood restaurants. Even if these places look shabby from the outside, their fish is bound to be some of the freshest you’ll find. Take a detour from the usual fried offerings and sample one of the specialties of the house. Encourage your guests to do the same, or, better yet, put together a sample platter for the entire party.

Here’s an example invite!

Guests can RSVP using their Phone Camera without downloading the app!

We hate it when other apps require you to download the app just to do something simple. Your guests don’t have to download the app to view the party details or RSVP!

Guests can simply point their smartphone camera (iOS or Android) at the QR code and RSVP with a few taps. No need to manually track guest counts!

Great for situations where you don’t have everyone’s phone number!

While sending invites by text message is a great way to get the word out about your event, there are situations where you don’t have everyone’s phone number like at large events, schools or daycare.

Invitd printable invites are a great way to share your event in the physical world but still manage RSVPs digitally. Be sure to try it out for your next event!

Ready to plan your next party? Download the app and try it out now!

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