Kid-Approved Party Ideas: Fun and Simple Activities for a Kid’s Birthday Party

children playing with balloons on green grass field

If you’re hosting a kids birthday party, it can be difficult to come up with ideas that keep the children having fun and playing for several hours. You don’t want them running around like a wild animal or bored out of their minds!

This blog post will help you host stress-free kids parties with kid friendly activities and party ideas that will keep the kids happy for hours while the adults can enjoy time with friends.

We’ll discuss what types of activities kids enjoy, how long they stay engaged in an activity, where the party should take place, as well as some other tips on keeping things interesting.

Here’s a list of perfect party ideas activities for a kids party:

Drawing with Chalk

if they are struggling with what to draw, pick a theme like the jungle or drawing their favorite food!

Playing in a sandbox

This is a fairly cheap feature to add to your yard that each kid will love at the party and for a long time after the party.

Jumping rope, play tag or hide & go seek

These games are really good because they encourage physical activity which is important to kids! This also teaches them social skills like sharing and taking turns.

Football, Soccer, Frisbee or Kickball

These games are other great ways to wear the kids out and keep them entertained.

A Themed Scavenger Hunt

A fun scavenger hunt is another great way to keep kids happy and focused for quite some time.

Bubbles or Small Water Guns

Playing with bubbles and water guns are fun. They can be set up in advance so the kids have access to them anytime they want or need more entertainment. These can also double as party favors for each kid to take home after the party.


It’s incredibly easy but blowing up balloons and leaving them scattered around the yard will lead to a lot of fun for the kids. You’ll soon find the kids kicking and hitting a balloon to keep it in the air or playing other games that they’ve made up.

Stickers, sports cards, or temporary tattoos

Buy a few packs for each child and teach them how to trade or share!

Painting or drawing with markers and crayons

You’ll be surprised how long setting out a reem of paper and some art supplies will keep the kids entertained, their creativity is limitless!

Other Activities to Consider

The activities above don’t require a huge budget, but if you have a larger budget you could consider renting or purchasing something larger for the kid birthday party, such as:

Bounce Houses

Bounce houses keep the kids active and entertained for a long time and aren’t too expensive to rent. One thing to consider is that bigger kids may be too rough for the littles so it might be best to alternate jumping times for the little kids, big kids and maybe even the adults.

Water Slides

If it’s warm enough, consider renting a large water slide or water feature in the summer if you don’t have a pool available

Slip and Slide

Buying a slip and slide for the day is another option. Many slip and slides can tear so you might plan on this being a one-use (or a few-use) purchase rather than an investment but it can be cheaper than renting something larger.

How long can a kid stay entertained in one activity?

It’s difficult to say the exact amount of time a child will stay entertained, but in general it’s best to think in terms of minutes instead of hours when planning out fun activities.

Think Minutes, Not Hours

The kids are going to want something new and different pretty quickly so it’s best not to put them into one activity for more than about 15 minutes at a time.

However, if you are armed with this list of kid-friendly party ideas we have no doubt you will have an awesome kids birthday party!

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