How to Celebrate Your 21st Birthday

So, you’ve finally made it! Twenty-one long years of life and you’re finally here – with so much left to go. If you’re looking to have a birthday party that you’ll remember forever, here are some quick tips to look over before you rush off to have the night of your life.

Spend Time With Your Friends

This really is the most important step. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what you do near as much as it matters who you’re with. Think long term: who are you going to want to remember being with? Pick a group of your most beloved friends and family that you’ll want to spend time around. Make a plan that everyone will enjoy – but especially you. Anything that can generously include the loved ones of your group will be a perfect choice. If all else fails, even just grabbing a drink together can make a night memorable. Show your friends and family that you love them by being with them!

Drink Responsibly

Now that you’re officially and legally in the world of alcohol, bars, and clubs, you need to know your way around. Don’t drink too much. Drinking enough to black out can be at best, embarrassing, and at worst, dangerous. Mixing alcohol with certain pharmaceuticals and drugs can even cause death! So be extremely careful. Don’t ever drink and drive; instead, call an Uber or have a designated driver stay sober for the night. Always make sure to stay with a friend and be very careful and leave drinks unattended or taking drinks offered by a stranger. Pay attention to your surroundings and the behavior of who you’re with – drinking more than you mean to can be a sign of abuse.

Plan Something Special

This is your twenty-first birthday, after all. Try something new! Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Bars and clubs are popular options for newly legal individuals for that exact reason. But you can also just do anything that you and your friends might want to try. Put yourself out there and go outside your comfort zone! Research the local attractions of your local town. You can even ask a good friend to plan your party for you if you want it to be a surprise. Regardless – do something to set this birthday apart from all the others!

This is genuinely a momentous occasion, and you should feel ecstatic. Congratulations! You’ve survived twenty-one years on this planet! As you go about ensuring that your birthday will be unforgettable, take the necessary precautions to make sure that everyone is safe – and everything will turn out magical.

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