How to Plan a Successful Child’s Birthday Party

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Planning a birthday party for your child can be overwhelming. Finding a location for the party, choosing how many invitations to send, managing RSVPs and of course making sure the party goes off without a hitch.

Choosing a Location

Find a location that has ample space for your party needs. If you’re on a budget, consider a public park or even a backyard party. This keeps everyone out of your house for the most party so you don’t end up with a messy house after an already exhausting party.


After you have picked a location, you should decide on how many people to invite. While RSVP rates can vary, typically around 60% of invited guests will attend. Certain apps, like Invitd, allow you to set RSVP limits per guest or turn off RSVPs if you are party is getting to be too big.


Select a menu that includes enough food types to satisfy most tastes. If you have people with allergies, take the time to request those on your invitations or make sure they know what foods are available before arriving at the party so they aren’t inconvenienced by not being able to eat anything. Avoid buying too much food or drinks at the event because you might end up with leftovers that can’t be eaten well after a certain date. Too many sweets are also not recommended because of how unhealthy it is both short term and long term (for your health). Instead, try adding healthy snacks like fruits! Just make sure there’s enough variety so everyone has something he/she likes in terms of flavors/textures! It doesn’t have to be an all out buffet though – just some individual servings on plates will work fine as well.

Games and Activities

Plan out a few party activities or games. This can be as easy as setting up some party games throughout the space (like bean bag toss) or planning some group activities. Here’s a list we found very helpful

Party Favors

Pick out a few small items for each guest to take home. These can be as cheap and simple as some stickers or inexpensive toys (like bubbles).


Select at least one type of music that’s playing during the party so your guests are able to dance and enjoy themselves even if they don’t want to participate in and planned activities. Just be sure to select age-appropriate music!

Enjoy the Party!

No matter what happens at the party, the time everyone spends together will be the most memorable for everyone. We hope this article was helpful, if so please take the time to share the article with friends!

Also, be sure to check out our app Invitd which is a free invitation maker that makes sending party invitations by text a breeze!

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