How to Give the Perfect Gifts to Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Christmas, while being a wonderful time of year, can be very stressful. Especially if there’s a person in your life that you always struggle to get the perfect, personal gift for. Though you can’t read anyone’s mind, you can do a little bit of digging to find out what present will better express your love this holiday season!

Know What They Need

Getting a loved one what they need is a perfect way to give a gift this Christmas. This could be something they have been putting off buying for themselves, or just something that helps to solve a pain point in their life. One question you can ask is about whether they are shorter on time or on money. Very often people are short on both, but you can help alleviate some of this by knowing which one is more important. You could give a gift card for someone short on money or offer a service to free up a to-do list for someone short on time. A great question to ask is, “If you had a big paycheck next month, what need would you stop putting off?”

Know What They Like

Knowing what your loved one likes can help you know what will make them truly smile. First, look at their interests and how they spend their time. For example, knowing your loved one likes golf can give you great gift ideas. There are lots of accessories golf players find useful for their game. You don’t even have to have a large budget to add a fun accessory to something a person already loves. Your loved one is sure to appreciate a gift geared toward their likes and hobbies.

Know What They Want

Giving the perfect gift can be hard. You don’t always know how your loved one will respond. A great way to overcome this is to simply ask for a wish list. This should generally be used when you don’t have many chances to talk to the person, such as a family that lives far away. In general, you should try to listen to your loved one throughout the year. People will usually talk about items they wish they had, so you can pick up on this. Of course, make sure to keep a list of these things so you don’t forget!

Finding the perfect gift to your loved one may take some time. Make sure that you have a good idea by listening, observing, and asking questions. Knowing your loved one well will ensure that you find the perfect gift for what they need, like, or want.

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