How to Get Your Home Ready for Awesome Winter Parties

Your beautiful family is almost ready for a lovely winter, and, with hope, all the trappings you missed last year. Alongside shopping, and preparing, you know there’s some extra steps you need to take this time around. Small gatherings are best, of those vaccinated especially. Outdoors is a bonus, but not all regions can do that in wintertime! Worse, your home is looking a smidgen worse for wear after a long pandemic. How can you get your home ready for winter parties?

Straighten Up

It can be difficult to know what you want to have cleaned and upgraded before having winter get-togethers. A good rule of thumb is that if it sticks out (like that sore thumb) in a photograph, then you might need to move it, clean it, or change it. As The Spruce points out, there are a large variety of things you can do to tidy up the hosting areas. Often it can be easy to disregard smudges on walls and floors, misplaced items, or furniture which needs cleaning or replacing. Your best bet to notice, though, can be either through taking a photo or asking a trusted friend to look around for you and help you make a list of things to change or replace.

Make it Comfortable

It’s easy to forget in the summertime how certain rooms, especially those with trendy cathedral ceilings, can have certain locations which turn to ice! There are options for new builds, or if you’re redoing your flooring, to add radiant heating, which is energy efficient and very effective. According to Rabe Hardware, radiant heating in the floor can reduce cold spots and eliminate drafts. For other areas, you might consider a space heater in certain places of your home for parties. Of course, a burning fireplace is always the most fun atmosphere!

Food Safe

While it would be nice if the pandemic was far behind us, it’s still quite present in our homes. When thinking towards foods, consider those things which can be served in individualized portions, in a safe manner. Having giant potlucks where everybody brings something is probably not medically approved at this time! Making it possible for things to be touched as little as possible, or available in individual portions.

Your party can be spectacular! You just don’t want it to become infamous for being a super-spreader event! Think ahead and request both civility and proper compassion from your guests. Go the extra mile to make sure your home is not only festive, but smart. Your guests will be grateful!

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