Want a memorable event? We have five techniques for you!

By reading this guide, you will have a great ideas on how to make your event very memorable for your guests. As the host or planner, you need to pay attention to many details to make your event memorable for guests. This is why you must pay attention to all areas of preparation, whether it’s the welcoming the guests, music selection, finding the right menu, transportation or sending invitations. These five techniques will help you ensure that everything is perfect.

Create Buzz for your Event

Guests get excited about having fun and experiencing something unique. Take extra time to choose the best emcees or speakers in town and pick the perfect venue as well so your guests want to share the event with their friends.

Once you have identified the place, time and foods for your event you can begin thinking what to do next to create a buzz to your event. A large percentage of event creators use social media to create a buzz. In this way, they are able to increase awareness before the event happens. Once you get a few guests excited about the event, make it easy for them to share the event on social media to gain exposure. You can also offer free or discounted admission to some local social media influencers to gain interest quickly.

You should also creating a blog post for your event to help potential guests find your event through search engines like Google or Bing.

First Impressions Matter

You only get once chance to make an impression on someone. Relating to Forbes, it requires only 7 seconds to produce a good first impression. According to “Business Insider” potential customers will judge you within seconds. When marketing your event, be sure to keep these questions in mind:

  • Are you trustworthy enough?
  • Is your event interesting?
  • Is your event unique?
  • How successful with the event be?
  • What are some negative thoughts guest might have?

On the day of the event, make sure you have enough people assigned to welcoming your guests. It is recommended that you should have one person to welcome 100 guests attending. A caring attitude from your staff and most especially a warm welcome will go a long way with creating a memorable experience.

Additionally, you should consider your team’s attire. All event staff should to be dressed in attire that matches the theme of your event while being identifiable as staff members.

Search for a Reliable and Perfect Event Planner

It is true that the planner is crucial and will carry your event. Hosts will shape the right feeling for your event which involves entertaining, delighting, and intriguing your guests. All in all, they are tasked with achieving the goals of your event.

If you are considering hiring a event planner, you should search for a planner who’ll be able to take care of your event correspondingly and someone who considers the event’s purpose and the audience. Choosing a good planner takes a good amount of time and research, but it’s an important step to take.

Lighting, Colors, and Music will set the Feeling of the Event

To produce the perfect mood for your event, take care in choosing the best lighting. Based on the studies of the University of Toronto and Northwestern University, bright light intensifies people’s psychological reaction to different kinds of stimulus, which will set their mood. If you are organizing a commercial party or an awards ceremony, it would seem sensible to help make the venue as bright as possible.

In addition, proper light also helps people take “quality photos”. You want your guests to talk about photos of your event with friends and social media (to improve brand recognition) right? Then help them get the best photos and visual proof of how amazing your event really is.

Colors is also equally important! Colors are a kind of non-verbal communication and the selection of the right colors can have an essential effect on the feeling of your event.

Here are some colors to consider for different events:

If you are organizing a celebration, consider red color scheme because it is associated with power, comfort, energy, and pleasure. If are organizing a seminar, conference or a company meeting, use a blue color scheme as it’s about cleverness, trust, efficiency, reasoning, communication. If there are exhibitions or art events, consider yellow as it stands for emotional power, friendliness, and imagination. Lastly, if it’s an eco-friendly event Green is the choice to consider. It’s associated with tranquility, rest, peace, and environmental awareness.

Concerning music, the selection of it mainly depends on the type of event you are hosting. Ensure that the music suits your event theme and audience. A pianist and a singer is usually the best option to choose. Not only is it cheap, they can also bring the solemn upbeat experience on the overall event.

Don’t Forget to Thank your Guests

You spent a lot of time and work into arranging a perfect event for your guests. It would be a shame to lose momentum afterward. Keep the momentum going!

When everything’s over, a warm thank you will be much valued. Being thankful to your guests is important and will leave a lasting impression. You’ll be able to connect with your audience after the event, raise the chances of them participating in another event of yours and up close the event on a positive note.

Here are 5 main steps to succeed in saying an effective “thank you”:

  • Create a summary of guests who went to the function and a list of those who didn’t
  • Give thanks to those guests who attended the event
  • Get in touch with those who missed the event
  • Send your guests some links to your social media profiles or website so they can follow you for future events
  • Win back those guests who have not interacted, there’s always next time!

In addition, before saying goodbye, if there are any responses/evaluation forms to complete, ensure that you remind your guests. Opinions are how you learn from your mistakes, understand what you should have done differently and be sure use that knowledge for future events.

These are the very best ways that will help you turn your amazing event into a far more amazing one. Follow these steps to offer an amazing experience for your guests and leave a lasting impression. Finally, check out our app to send FREE party invitations by text message using Invitd!

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