How to Throw a Memorable Pool Party

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How to Organize the Perfect Backyard Party

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How to Throw a Block Party Your Neighbors Will Actually Want to Attend

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3 Tips for Fun, Safe Trampoline Parties

Trampoline parties are a great way to celebrate birthdays or mark other milestones. They’re fun, they wear out the kids, and services provided by trampoline parks make throwing a party simple and convenient. However, trampoline injuries are on the rise, and some coordination is needed to ensure that you and your family stay safe. Here are three tips for a … Read More

What Information Should You Put on Your Wedding Invites?

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Print Invitations at Home with Invitd, Save Time and Money!

Invitd was the first app ever to use text messsages to send party invitations. In our push to make sending invites easier than ever we are excited to introduce a new first! Now you can print invites right from your phone and guests can use their phone camera to RSVP online! Create your party in less than 60 seconds and … Read More

4 Fun Summer Beach Party Ideas

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3 Safety Tips to Follow for Planning Large Parties

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5 Fun Group Activities for a Teen Birthday Party

As children get older, it becomes difficult to think of memorable ways to celebrate their birthday. Teenagers want to feel like they are becoming more mature, so they’ll naturally want to do more mature things on their birthday. The main challenge is arranging activities for a teen birthday party by picking things that entertain them without being too childish. Here … Read More