What You Need to Create an Amazing Bachelorette Night

Once a woman is engaged, she begins the last stretch of her life (hopefully) as a single woman. That’s cause for celebration, both because she gets to spend the rest of her life with the person she loves most, and because she should make the most of the time she has left as a single lady. That calls for an amazing bachelorette night. So what do you need to make that happen?

The Right People

An amazing bachelorette night all starts with the right people. In many cases, having the right people around you can mean that it doesn’t even matter what you do–you’re still going to have a good time. 

Make a list of the people you should invite and run it by the bride before sending out invitations to avoid making bachelorette night planning mistakes. As a general rule, the bridal party and close family and friends should be on the list.

Have a Plan

A solid plan is one of the most important things you need to create an amazing bachelorette night. Talk to the bride about things she wants to do and things she definitely doesn’t want to do (pay special attention to the latter category). 

That will help you get a feel for what sort of evening to plan. It doesn’t hurt to kick things off with a little pampering. A spa right before the night begins can help everyone feel less stressed. If a more budget-friendly option is in order, consider doing an at-home spa bachelorette party complete with mani-pedis, face masks, and foot scrubs.

Food and Drinks

No bachelorette night is complete without good food and drinks. Whether you choose finger foods or a sit-down dinner, alcoholic beverages or mocktail equivalents, or a mix of them is entirely up to you. That said, you still need to decide on something. Being hungry and thirsty is a great way to kill the night. Think about what you have planned for the rest of the night so your choices fit in nicely with the evening. Are you planning a more casual, relaxed evening, something high-energy, or a more formal event? Let that help you make your food and beverage decision.

Every woman deserves an amazing bachelorette night before she gets married. What that means is different for each person, so carefully consider what the star of the show wants, keeping in mind that it might be different from what you’d choose for your ideal bachelorette night. In the end, it’s all about her having a great time, and you get to make that happen.

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