Throwing a Party with Alcohol? Here’s What to Know

Having alcohol at your party can seem like a good shortcut to making it fun, but you need to do more than just having a keg or some wine available. If you really want to make the refreshments a highlight of the evening, it’s crucial that you don’t turn them into an afterthought. With these tips, you can make your party full of alcohol and fun.

Designate a Bartender

Hiring a bartender won’t just class up your appearance, but it can also help to keep people safe. If there are underage guests, they can help to keep them from sneaking drinks. According to Brauns Law, teens tend to be more reckless with how much they drink and are more likely to get behind the wheel. Before you hire a bartender, make sure you trust them to do the right thing and to ID everyone who tries to order a drink that could be underage. You might also choose only to invite people who are 21 and older so that you don’t have to deal with these kinds of headaches. Whoever’s bartending also needs to know when its time to cut someone off. Bartending is a discipline that might seem easy, but it requires a lot of responsibility and observance.

Offer Other Drinks and Food

Even if you’re having a party with alcohol, it doesn’t need to be exclusively such. There are people who can’t or choose not to drink but who still deserve to be considered. You should ask your bartender about what kind of non-alcoholic drinks they can make. And don’t forget about the food! Make and provide some hors d’oeuvres that are tasty and can be enjoyed by people with a variety of dietary needs, including those with allergies and vegetarian diets. Your guests will feel more encouraged to come to your parties if they know that you have their best interests in mind.

Choose the Right Cups

You can’t guarantee that there won’t be any spilled drinks or dropped cups, but you can do your part to avoid any dangers that could result from these mishaps. Refrain from serving drinks in glass containers to avoid broken glass on the floor if someone drops a cup. Plastic cups might seem like they’d make your party drab or feel immature, but you can get some stylish ones that approximate glass ones in every way except material. According to The Little Event Company, using plastic cups can also make the clean-up easier after the party is over.

Being responsible with alcohol is as important for the server as it is for the consumer. As long as everyone is respecting their limits, you can make your party one to remember for only good reasons.To invite all your friends to your next party, try the Invitd app today!

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