The Finishing Touches Every Party Needs

If you’re planning your next epic party, you are probably trying to find the best ways to make it a fun and exciting time for you and your guests. There are plenty of things that can make your party something special, but when you have all the right tricks up your sleeve, you can create an even better party experience.


It can be tempting to simply invite your party guests in person, but there is something exciting about getting an actual invitation. Put together a simple invitation to your party and send them out. Collect addresses from your guests if you don’t have them already and then send them an invitation that will brighten up their day.

Sending an invitation will go a long way towards impressing your guests but adding some confetti or a small treat can bring it up to the next level. Choose a sophisticated color palette and put together a classy invitation that inspires your guests.


Hosting an awesome party is all about creating the right ambiance and vibe. Work to create a cohesive vibe with your lighting, music, and even smells that bring the party together and set the tone for the event.

Choosing music that is a good fit for your party but also lets you talk and interact with your guests can help make your party extra great. The lighting should be interesting and not too bright, but it also shouldn’t be so dark that you can’t see your guests. Try combining different light sources like lamps and candles to find the right balance of light.

Food Presentation

Creating a beautiful spread of food for your event will go a long way towards making your party look great and creating a classy feel. Keep in mind the ways you will be serving so you can make the food easy to eat and hygienic. If you are serving finger foods, it is a good idea to serve them on toothpicks. Knotted toothpicks take it up a notch, with the benefit of keeping fingers off the food they aren’t eating.

Choose beautiful and tasty foods that are easy to eat and can be a conversation starter for your party. Putting together appealing platters can help make your guests excited about the food and the party.

Party Flow

When you plan your party, it is important to have a general idea of what is happening and when, but you also want to build in flexibility so you can spend more time doing the things your guests are enjoying the most. When you plan your party, be sure to plan it out so you have busier times and downtime to hang out and chat. It is usually a good idea to plan the party around the food. If you’re having a sit-down dinner, then that can be a good centerpiece for the party, but if you are serving finger foods throughout you can have even more flexibility with the structure of the party itself.

Do the Work Before

There is nothing worse than having to spend the bulk of your party running around and getting work done. Plan your party so you have minimal work during the actual party so you can enjoy it and make the most out of the experience.

Even if you want your party to be extravagant, it is a good idea to make things as simple as possible with maybe one or two over the top elements to keep things exciting. The more planning and work you do before, the easier your party will be and the more fun you and your guests will have on the night of. Plan early and thoroughly and take care of the work before it starts so you can enjoy your party.

Have Plenty of Seating Room

Taking care of seating for your party can help set the tone and make sure everyone is comfortable and happy during the event. Provide plenty of comfortable seating so people can sit down to talk or play games together without needing to move things around or stay standing for the whole evening. Having plenty of seating can also make your party more accessible for people with mobility issues that may make standing difficult.

Be considerate of your guests, and yourself, and make sure there is room for everyone to take a break and have time to chill at your party. Also, be sure to take advantage of the seating yourself by taking time to sit down and mingle with everyone throughout the party.

Party Favors

Giving your guests a little something to take home with them can make your party a little more special and exciting for your guests. A cute breakfast treat for the next day can be a great way to send your guests off with fond memories of your party in the morning. Try bagging up tiny loaves of banana bread or a few mini muffins for your guests to bring home and eat for breakfast. This is especially great if your guests stay late since they won’t have to worry about finding breakfast in the morning.

Giving your guest a little party favor on their way home can show them that you care and make your party they remember fondly for years to come. Think about simple but thoughtful favors that your guests will love (and that you will enjoy, in case there are leftovers). A great party favor can set your party apart from the crowd and make a huge difference for your guests.

Putting together a great party can be a fun and exciting thing with awesome results. Be sure to take plenty of time to recuperate from the planning and performing of your party when things finish up so you can enjoy the fruits of your labors and start thinking about the next party you’re going to plan.

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