It’s a Girls Night In — What to Keep in Mind When Hosting a Spa Night

One of the best ways to connect with your girlfriends is to bring everyone together for a spa night party. All girls love a night in with their best friends. Turning this into a night of pampering will leave everyone feeling relaxed and refreshed. Here are three things to keep in mind when hosting a spa night party.

All About the Facials

Every great spa party starts with a luxurious facial. You can set out bowls with different exfoliants, including oats, mashed avocado, honey, lemon, and yogurt. Having some essential oils on hand will allow your guests to customize their facial to their preferences. After removing the facial ingredients, use a quality toner to add radiance to the skin. ASEA recommends making moisturizing a priority. Moisturizing helps lock in the skin’s natural moisture and protects from pollution, weather, and chemicals.

Manicures and Pedicures

A manicure and pedicure bar is also an essential part of any at-home spa party. Invite your guests to soak their feet in large bowls filled with warm water and Epsom salt for a truly pampered experience. To elevate the manicure process, you may consider having paraffin wax treatments available. The use of paraffin wax will deliver a soothing and therapeutic treatment to tired and ragged hands. Be sure to offer a myriad of nail polish colors and removers. Your guests will appreciate leaving your party with beautiful feet and hands.

Food and Drink

No spa party is complete without an appropriate array of food and drink options. Keep a jug of water infused with cucumber or lemon slices out on the kitchen counter so that your guests can stay hydrated. Coachella Valley offers a great list of recipe ideas. Other drink choices include herbal teas, healthy fruit smoothies, or boozy mimosas. Good food choices to put on your menu include mini tea sandwiches, a cheese platter, veggie wraps, shrimp cocktail, gourmet chocolates, and cupcakes. Offering a mix of healthy and indulgent offerings will ensure that everyone is happy with the selections.

Be sure to remind your friends to dress comfortably so that they are ready for a night of pampering. Playing soft music and turning the lights down low will help to create a tranquil mood. Your friends will appreciate you for giving them this special evening of indulgence and laughs.

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