Ideas to Turn Your Basement Into the Ultimate Hosting Space

Basements are no longer the scary, unfinished, and damp areas of the home that they used to be. Today, you can turn your basement into the perfect hosting space for any kind of party. Keep reading for ideas on what kind of modifications to make based on the kinds of parties you’ll be throwing.

For Sports Fans

Do you always end up hosting for the Super Bowl or World Series? Sports fans are, let’s just say a tad bit loud. Hey, games get exciting, right? Often the best solution for sports fans is to build their very own sports haven within their basement to host the big game without disturbing the rest of the household. This can include installing a large television as well as your preferred sound system that won’t rock the house too much. 

However, there are more about sports to enjoy than just what’s on TV. For hosting a party when the game’s not on you might even consider adding a foosball table, a dart board, or get techy and add a golf simulator to the room. According to Spectrum Golf, to install a golf simulator, you need a minimum ceiling height of 9 feet. Other similar game options might include a pinball machine or a Skee-Ball. Make room for a mini-fridge for snacks and beer and you’ll be on your way to being the best host for game night.

A Private Bar

Are you looking to throw a classy New Years Eve party? A bar is a wonderful addition to your basement for hosting all manner of events. If you don’t have a lot of space to work with, a posh bar cart with an ice bucket set, cocktail shaker, a nice set shot glasses, and matching decanters filled with your liquor of choice is a great option. Home Wet Bar suggests a set of wine glasses for hosting a perfect wine tasting party. Slip in a mini-fridge for tonics, limes, and sodas. 

If you have a little more room, some of the most impressive basement bars will include everything that a professional would have. Build or buy a bar top and shelving for all your drinks. Consider a large sink for draining and keeping ice cold as well as areas to store beer kegs. Add a set of bar stools and you’ll have the perfect space for a wine and paint girls’ night or dressy cocktail party.

For Movie Night

Are you looking to host a Hallmark movie marathon this holiday season? Nothing says movie buff more than having your own home theater. Get a projector and a screen and you’ll be well on your way to an ideal location for the next Oscar night party. Consider adding more than audiovisual gadgets to your basement to really make it special. Include objects from the golden age of cinema such as golden decor, large curtains, and Home Theatre Gear recommends that a popcorn machine is perfect for hosting movie night. The best part? A home theater is one of those things that is often a very universal addition to your home. Not only will you and your family and guests will appreciate for years to come, but potential buyers may also fall in love with it. After all, who doesn’t like a cozy movie night?

An unfinished basement is a blank canvas that can truly provide you with the extra space you need to throw that party you’ve been dreaming of. Mix and match concepts – hello, home theater with cocktail bar! – to make exactly the kind of space you want. What kind of retreat will you build in your home?

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