How to Turn Your Home Into a Party Pad

How to Turn Your Home Into a Party Pad
How to Turn Your Home Into a Party Pad

Hoping to own the house that becomes the go-to party pad? Or do you just like holding parties for friends and family? Not sure where to start to make your home that ideal venue? There are a couple of different features or things you should do to your home so that it can be the best possible venue for your parties. Some have to do with house layout and larger remodels, but there are plenty of smaller things you can do to hold the best parties.

Build a Kitchen Bar

Having a kitchen bar provides much more than a place for your guests to get drinks and snacks. It’s a gathering place. It’s a place for you, the host, to spend time serving and conversing with your guests.

There are many kitchen bar options. When deciding on the location or size for your kitchen bar, consider the flow of your kitchen. The bar should be at a natural location for your guests to come in and out, without interrupting the flow of the rest of the house or room.

If there is already an island in your kitchen, adding stools and an overhanging counter can be a great option. You could also consider building a bar up against a wall or along an already existing countertop.

An Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan opens up the space and allows for more mixing and mingling. People will be able to find each other so that they can start their own discussions, but still be a part of the group at the same time. It really contributes to the feel of a party to have as many guests as possible in one place.

It also allows you to more readily move things around so that you can host different kinds of parties and cater the space to different guests. Need to accommodate a guest in a wheelchair? No problem. You have space to work with. Holding a dinner party one week but a dance party the next? You have that option.If you don’t already have an open floor plan or other large room to host a party in because you live in an older home, never fear. There may be some good remodeling options for you.

Arrange Enough Furniture

You need enough seats for people who come to your parties. It’s also important to have the appropriate tables and shelves where people can set their drinks or other items. When selecting furniture for your room, it can be helpful to think of a theme. Remember also mobility—both of your guests when they come and the mobility of the furniture itself.

It’s not only important to have the appropriate furniture, but the arrangement of this furniture contributes to your party just as much. Remember when arranging and choosing your furniture to optimize for flow. There should be places where people can sit and talk together, and people should be able to move freely throughout the room at the same time.

Backyard Features

Do you live in a place with a great climate for at least part of the year? Optimize for outside parties during this time. People love outside parties, and it can be a great option for when you really don’t want to clean the house.

Backyard features add to the party feel, create places of congregation, and allow you to entertain your guests more readily. Think of adding a pool, a fire pit, a gondola, or just a nice place to sit. Decks are especially good features. There are lots of great benefits to building a deck in your backyard such as having a place to eat, a place out of the grass, easy access to the home, and more.

Storage Space

You’re not living a constant party, and you don’t need all your party supplies or furniture for every day of the week. Create a space in your home for storage so that you can stay organized and clean during the week. This will also allow you to stow away other things during a party that you would prefer were tucked away.

It’s not a bad idea to consider a storage unit or a shed outside to keep all your larger supplies, but there are many options for inside your home as well. Consider using spaces like in and under couches, in strange areas in the home, and find new creative ways to store.

Keep Things Clean

Are you ready at any moment to host a party? Maybe not, but keeping things clean can help to minimize party preparations. By keeping clutter at a minimum and keeping up on regular weekly tasks you will keep your home in top party shape.

Keeping things clean during a party can help with the cleanup after the party and help your guests feel more at home. This doesn’t mean to neglect your guests and turn completely to cleaning your home, but it means a lot of little things that will make your after-party clean up so much easier. Here are some ideas:

  • Purchase easy to clean furniture and flooring.
  • Have cleaning rags or sponges at the ready for quick spill cleanup.
  • Place trash cans throughout the room.
  • Fill a sink with soapy water that guests can leave their dishes in when they are done.
  • Have a lint roller to use for broken glass or rogue pet hair.

Plenty of Parking

Depending on what type of parties you plan to hold, parking may become an issue for some of your guests. Be prepared to either provide more space where they can park (such as an extra long driveway or a cement basketball court) or help guide your guests to good parking options. Your guests should know before they come to a party where the appropriate places to park are.

The Right Lighting

What type of parties are you planning on holding? Or do you have a variety of ideas? The lighting at your party can make or break the party, and it depends largely on the type of parties you are planning on holding. If you’re hosting a party for adults to come sit and chat, some lower lighting may be welcome. But if you are planning a board game party, you’ll want more light.

There are permanent lights that you can adjust, and there are also types of temporary lights that you can add to the room to evoke different feelings (think Christmas lights or strobe lights). Take advantage of natural light as well—install extra windows if needed.

Now that your house is ready to hold countless parties, it’s just up to you to invite the guests and find the best entertainment for your guests. Your house shouldn’t hold you back from having the time of your life.

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