How to Throw a Memorable Pool Party

Throw a pool party that will create long-lasting memories!

Summer is the perfect time of year to gather with friends and celebrate life in the warm weather. What better way to enjoy this season together than by having a pool party? Some pool parties are notably better than others, so you’ll want to make sure that yours is remembered for all the right reasons!

Make Your Guests Comfortable

The first step to throwing a memorable pool party is ensuring that your guests feel right at home. The best way to accomplish this goal is by having everything your guests could possibly need on hand. You want to make sure there are plenty of the necessities: water, sunscreen, towels, and shade. The last thing you want your guests to experience is a nasty sunburn. You also want to make sure your guests feel safe while at your pool party. It is a good idea to keep some life jackets on hand to avoid some of the dangers associated with swimming.

Food and Drinks

A pool party just cannot be complete without snacks and refreshments. You want to make sure you have finger foods that aren’t messy and are light enough that your guests will be able to take a dip in the water without having to wait too long after eating. Cook up some burgers, hot dogs, and vegetarian options on the grill. Serve refreshing watermelon and cold drinks to go on the side.


Even though it is a pool party, your event will also need other forms of entertainment. There will inevitably be guests who do not want to or cannot get into the water for whatever reason. There will also be moments of downtime in between swimming and having fun together. Therefore, music is a must at a memorable pool party. Listening to music is great for guests who are enjoying the water as well as those lounging poolside. Have a fun, upbeat playlist ready to go and on standby. Games are another excellent form of entertainment at a pool party. Be selective about the games you provide, though. For example, you probably want to avoid card games since the wind can blow the cards away, and water can damage them. Games such as corn hole are also great to have around since they will not be damaged if accidentally soaked by your guests.

Swim Essentials

To make sure your pool party is really over the top and memorable in the best possible ways, provide swim essentials for your guests. Consider having a plethora of brightly colored pool noodles, fun-shaped pool floats, goggles, and swimmer’s ear drops. Your guests will appreciate the extra steps you have taken to ensure that everyone is having fun and that the party itself is picture-perfect.

A pool party can be a wonderful reason to get together with friends during the summer. Planning is key to ensuring your party is a hit and enjoyed by all. Pick a day when the weather forecast is calling for nothing but sun, and get ready to throw a party to remember!

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