How to Make Your Home Feel Festive with Smart Home Technology

If you already have smart technology installed into your home, utilize its capacities to create the warm, festive atmosphere of your dreams. There is nothing more festive than an integrated, ‘surround sound’ approach to the holidays. Here are several ways you can spread the holiday spirit using smart home technology.

Holiday Music

If you have holiday music stored on your smart device, there is no reason you shouldn’t spread the holiday love by playing those festive tunes on your smart speakers. Any brand of smart home technology should allow you to pair your personal device and play the music of your choice at your command. If you don’t want to purchase songs, take advantage of apps where you can play free music. If you want a cozy, peaceful feel, go for soft instrumental music or holiday sounds. Your home will feel so much more festive with a little background, holiday cheer.


Most smart home tech allows you to personalize your lighting to make your home feel festive. Taking advantage of smart technology will allow you to even dim your home’s lighting without changing the type of bulb. However, you may want to invest in smart light bulbs created specifically for a smart home system. To make your home feel more festive, try a dimmer setting so that the warmth and soft glow of decorative lights and candles can be better appreciated.

Furthermore, some electric fireplaces are controllable through an app on your smartphone, giving you control over your fireplace from anywhere in the house. So, anytime you want a little extra warmth, festivity, and coziness, take advantage of your fireplace’s light—all at the push of a button.


Your smart home technology not only may have access to your electric fireplace, but it most likely gives you on-demand access to your thermostat. And since nobody enjoys a freezing, cold home during the holidays, be sure to take advantage of your smart home’s capabilities to establish heating schedules or to crank up the thermostat wherever you may be in the house—or out of the house. In fact, most home systems allow you to turn on the heater before you get home so that you can enjoy a toasty room and festive feel after trudging through a winter storm.

Make this holiday season more festive through the use of your smart home technology. If you do not own smart home technology, it may be worth the investment to have better control over your home’s holiday ambiance. After all, why shouldn’t you spread the holiday spirit to your whole home?

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