How to Host the Perfect James Bond Themed Party

The James Bond themed party is undeniably one of the most prevalent themes for casino events. There are many reasons as to why people love a Bond themed party, but topmost is the fact that James Bond is a fan favorite. He enchants most people. This enchantment is because of his devilish charm, charisma, and good looks. Most men want to be like him while women lust for him. For all of these reasons, your James Bond party will be an occasion to be loved by all.

Make Classy Themed Cocktails

The menu you select for the James Bond Party is really up to you. You either choose to serve the guests munchies throughout the event, or you can serve an elegant buffet. If you decide to serve a sit-down meal, then you should include some seating cards. Apart from the meals, the James Bond party should have class cocktails. James Bond is known for his love of cocktails. His most revered is the vodka martini—shaken not stirred. There are also other drinks that Bond is fond of. Another option for your party is scotch and soda. This drink is a quick fix and can be made easily for your guests. The Vesper Martini is another cocktail that can grace your Bond themed party. The Vesper Martini is an invention of Bond in the movie, Casino Royale. The drink is made from three parts Gordon’s Gin, one-part vodka, and half a measure of Lillet. The drink is strained into a cocktail glass and garnished with a lemon peel. Other bond themed cocktails include the Americano and Stinger.

Have a Poker Tournament

James Bond loved gambling as much as he loved Vesper Lynd. So always add a poker tournament to your event. But what other games should you include? As we know, baccarat and craps are some of his other favorites. The characters in Casino Royale play Texas hold ’em, but there are actually a few different varieties of poker you can play if you want to switch things up. The games you include in your Bond themed party should be elegant and exhilarating to keep your guest at the edge of their seats. After all, you want your guests to have a true Las Vegas experience. You can also hire a professional dealer to ensure that they are well guided and the game flows smoothly.

Grand Entrance

When the guests enter the event, they should feel like they are entering into a real James Bond Party. You should make your entrance Bond-like with posters as well as Ace of hearts, Aces of spades, and Ace of Clubs. Always brand the entrance to the event with a “Bond Girl” or “007 Bond” standee. These gadgets can be strategically placed at the entrance or displayed anywhere in the room. This branding has a powerful impact at the entrance and will be valuable in setting the 007 theme. The branding will tell your guests that they are going to have a fantastic night. If you really want to go all out, then consider hiring a James Bond impersonator.

After you have planned out the details and the décor for your James Bond themed party, it is essential to check everything. Make sure that everything is set for the big day. You can also prepare the Bond styled cards and decorations. Communicate the dressing to the guests to ensure that everything goes as planned. You can always rent the items that you will not be able to create.

Ready to host your James Bond themed party? Don’t forget to send out invites to all of your friends!

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