How can I send invitations by text message?

Want to have fun in the sun? All set to throw a party? But eek Invitations!

Invitations have always been a hard and insane task. It is really tough to prepare invites, send them, wait for response and keep a track of all those who will be showing up for the party. Technology made it easier. Here’s a gift to you- Invitd app.

Invitd is an RSVP app that delivers personalized invitations through text message. The best thing about the app is that your guests do not need the app or even an IOS device to view the invitation. Invitd is one of the best apps that you can get to make the ‘inviting job’ simpler, cheaper and quicker. You just have to simply send an invite through text and you will get responses immediately. You can also track if people actually opened the invitation in real time.
Let’s explore!

Simple steps to create invitation:
• The first step is to create an event.
• Secondly, add people who you want to invite to the event.
• Then send each guest a text message. Each text message will have a unique link to view their personalized invitations.
• With the tap of a finger, your guests can RSVP.
• The responses of your guests can easily be viewed within the Invitd app.

Why should you use this app?
1. As the event host, you can track opened invites, RSVPs and the count of the guests attending the event within the app.
2. Not only that, Invitd also sends you instant notifications as soon as your guests respond to the invite, eliminating surprises.
3. Invitd is a free app and there are add- ons for minimal charges.
4. Guests can save the event date to their calendar and can also see the map to your event right on the invitation.
The mercury’s going up; get cool in the pool or grill up good times under the starry sky. Save your money with paperless invites, save your time with instant RSVPs, get over with postal errors and keep track of your guests, get notified, get Invitd.


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