Aiming to Become the Best organizer? Read these tips!

There are already a lot of posts online on how to be the best organizer, but here at Invite, we want you to be the very best of all! We found out that the majority of our app users are event organizers so we created this article for individuals who would want to become one. This blog post will provide you what you need and would include modern approaches as well.

In order to become a professional organizer, read this:


Love working with a lot of people.  The majority of organizers would say that you need to be more focused on the individuals or people attending an event. You have to love the field of organizing in order to do this, but overall, you should consider the people around you.

Visit conferences or join organizer membership groups.  These conferences and memberships would help you along your way. The connections and insight you will gain from them will be of great value. In order to become a PO and to learn a lot, visit as many conferences as you can. You might be able to gain a connection at a specific conference which will enable you to find your first client as well. There is a downside on this though – sometimes, conferences are really expensive and it can be tough to find them. With proper research and connections, you will be able to do this. These conferences are especially useful for someone who is just starting out.

Invest in online courses or education.  There are lots of online courses out there. If you search on Google for “organizer courses” or “free courses for aspiring organizers” then you have lots to choose from. However, keep in mind that not all courses will be FREE. If the course is free then it might not offer a ton of value, but they might be great for beginners. 

This is just the part one of a new series we’ve created to helping our readers to learn more about the role of event organizer. In the next article, we will talk about to best leverage free text invites. You’ll want to check it out so we can help you to be the best organizer on the planet!

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