5 Fun Party Themes Your Guests Will Love

Whether you are throwing a birthday party or a shower to celebrate a milestone, choosing a theme helps bring the details together. There are plenty of themes that guests will love for the creativity and you will love them for its simplicity. Check out some winning choices for your next party.

All Around the World

Make your guests feel like they are seeing the world without ever stepping on a plane. Choose a country or a city and base your party around it. This helps you decide what type of food to serve, how to decorate, and what forms of entertainment are appropriate. Destinations dictate the details. If you decide to go with a Vegas theme, Iowa Casino & Party Rentals suggests playing popular casino games to make it really feel like you’re in Las Vegas. If you decide to focus on Paris, offer tons of cheese, bread, and delicious desserts. If you decide on Seattle circa the 1990s, tell your guests to wear their plaid shirts and make sure to play some Pearl Jam.


It’s hard to believe the 1920s occurred 100 years ago. Still, this decade remains perfect when it comes to a party theme. The music is made for lively dancing, and the clothes of this decade give your guests a chance to show up in style. A roaring 20s theme should include lots of glitz and glamour. Vivo Masks suggests using the movie The Great Gatsby for inspiration. If possible, enjoy an outdoor garden party with lights hanging overhead so your guests can dance under the stars.


People bond over books they like, so choose a popular book as the theme for your next party. Ask guests to dress as a character from the book, and if the book has been made into a movie, make sure you have the soundtrack playing in the background. You can prepare foods that were served in the book, and decorations should seek to recreate the setting of the book. This gets even more interesting if you choose a book set in an era decades past. Your guests get to dress up as a book character while also flashing back to the past for fashion guidance.

Middle School Flashback

Middle school is not fun for most people when they are actually experiencing it. If you want to offer guests a do over, throw a middle school flashback party and tell everyone to wear what they did back then. This will open the floor to all kinds of stories that can bond your guests. Play music from decades past and ask your guests to bring whatever food was their favorite to eat in middle school. You can even ask guests to bring pictures of their younger selves and play a guessing game to identify everyone.

Sand and Sun

For a simple party theme that never goes out of style, have all of your friends dress casually and have a beach party. Grill food outside and serve drinks with little umbrellas to help your guests feel like they are lounging on the beach. A beach theme is ideal in summer when the weather allows guests to move around outside. However, if the winter blues are dragging everyone down, go ahead and throw an indoor beach party to lift spirits until the warmer weather arrives. String lights around the house and pulls out your flip flops for an easy night of fun.

Hosting a party can seem stressful, but having a theme can really help make planning the party easier. A great theme will help pull your party together and give your guests something to look forward to when the party day arrives.

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