5 Fun Group Activities for a Teen Birthday Party

As children get older, it becomes difficult to think of memorable ways to celebrate their birthday. Teenagers want to feel like they are becoming more mature, so they’ll naturally want to do more mature things on their birthday. The main challenge is arranging activities for a teen birthday party by picking things that entertain them without being too childish. Here are five suggestions for a fun and slightly more mature birthday party.

An Instagram Party

This is a simple and appealing party idea that requires you grab a few possible backdrops and various props for your kids to take photos with. Use icing to decorate sweets like cupcakes and cookies with various emojis and hashtags.

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Movie Night

Letting your teen check out a new age-appropriate movie can be a great and meaningful way to celebrate their birthday. Alternatively, you may wish to host a viewing party full of the sorts of films your teen has been wanting to see for years, like a franchise of action or horror films he or she has heard you speak of fondly.

Laser Tag

Laser tag is a perfect birthday party activity for an active teen. It will keep the kids moving, drive competition, and give them an outlet to burn off some energy. A birthday is all about excitement, so an activity as fast-paced as laser tag would fit right in.

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A Bonfire

This is a simple and novel idea that involves getting your teen’s friends together around a roaring central bonfire in the backyard. Make sure to bring hot dogs and s’mores to cook over the fire. You can also tell ghost stories when night falls. Depending on the age of the teens involved, you may want to incorporate some practical effects to add some spice to the stories, such as fake blood, masks, or eerie sound effects.

A Karaoke Party

This is another simple idea. Use rugs and cushions to make a performance stage, even draping curtains along the back and maybe even a metallic shower curtain to serve as a stage curtain. Provide props for the guests to get into their on-stage personas. Make sure to keep the kids supplied with snacks and drinks and provide an improvised photo booth so that the kids can take silly pictures.

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While there may be other options you were considering, hopefully these suggestions can help you make your teen’s next birthday party a success. Consider your child’s age as well as your guests’ and how involved your child wants their party to be and plan accordingly.

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