4 Ways to Fill Your Easter with Fun Without Hopping Over Your Budget

Easter can be such a fun holiday for families, but filling those baskets isn’t always fun for your budget. Coming up with gifts that are exciting, educational, and budget-friendly can seem like a tall order. With a few savvy savings tips like the ones below, however, parents everywhere can spoil their kids on Easter without spoiling their bank accounts.


Buy Budget-Friendly Games That Are Educational Too

If you want to “wow” your kids on Easter without negative effects for them or your budget, you may want to leave those expensive video games and toys out of their baskets. Instead, think about putting educational coloring books, sketch pads, or games in your kids’ baskets. While these items will help enhance your kids’ brains, the best part about buying these budget-friendly basket goodies is that you can easily find them at stores like Target.

Pick Low-Priced Treats That Aren’t Loaded with Sugar

In addition to fun toys and games, most Easter baskets are brimming with candies and chocolates. But if you opt for traditional Easter offerings, your kids could end up consuming 30 days worth of sugar in one afternoon. Those chocolate bunnies and candy eggs are typically filled with sugar and fat, as well as mystery ingredients your kids really shouldn’t be eating in the first place. So, instead of loading your kids up on sugar, consider loading them up on savings-savvy, healthy snack options instead. One fun idea is to pick up a popcorn maker, and pair it with inexpensive movies and some fun toppings so everyone can enjoy endless family movie nights. Not sure what to use besides butter? With creative popcorn toppings that are also inexpensive, your kids will never get bored and your budget will never get popped.

Save by Making Your Very Own Non-Toxic Easter Egg Dyes

Sugar and fat are not the only hidden dangers to watch out for when celebrating Easter with your kids. Many of the egg dye kits you see in your local grocery or craft store can contain potentially harmful chemicals. Plus, buying enough always seems to be an added expense. So, if you want to have fun coloring eggs as a family, why not try making your own dyes instead? With cheap ingredients, such as vinegar, and edible tints, like blueberries, you can have endless amounts of fun getting creative with your Easter eggs. However, if you are not up to mixing your own colors, you should be able to find natural dye options instead. Pick up your non-toxic kits online, and be sure to look for promo codes to help you save a little more.

Fill Baskets With Cost-Effective Spring Crafts and Activities

Another smart idea for filling your kid’s Easter with fun is to fill their baskets with some budget-friendly basics for arts and crafts. Pick up some popsicle sticks, paper pads, and markers so that you can have fun making Easter craft projects with your children. Kids can make their own hats, baskets or countless other crafts that will keep them busy before the Easter egg hunt fun officially begins. Crafts and art projects are serious fun, but letting your kids get creative can also be healthy for their minds as well. Crafts can help your kids feel confident about completing projects while also helping with anxiety and emotional development.

Being the Easter bunny for your kids can get expensive, but it doesn’t have to stress out you or your budget. By filling your Easter with educational toys, games, and activities, you can fill your family’s faces with smiles without overstraining your finances. So, before you start stressing, remember to look for savings instead!

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Photo Credit: Unsplash

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