4 Interesting Party Ideas for Spring Weather

When spring finally arrives, you’ll be anxious to get outside and start enjoying the temperate weather. Why not celebrate by inviting your friends and neighbors to join the fun? Here are a few templates you can follow to create an unforgettable springtime event.


If the weather is warm enough, consider hosting a party with a water theme. There are many activities in this vein that you could choose from. Island Oasis is a great warm weather theme where you can rent a “bounce house” complete with waterslide and inflatable palm tree. This is an excellent option if you’re expecting a lot of small children to attend. For the adults, craft a tiki bar with a shortlist of rum-based cocktails with tropical flavors. For water-based games, fill assorted barrels or coolers with water balloons and place them at strategic spots around the property. Have an arsenal of heavy-duty water guns on hand, along with a working hose. Encourage guests to engage in all-out soggy warfare. For more water fun, get a Slip n Slide. This nostalgic staple of childhood is sure to elicit goofy grins from everyone at the party. If your property has lots of hills, set up several “stations” and conduct races to see who can make the fastest time on each slide.

Cinco de Mayo

This Mexican-inspired theme goes hand-in-hand with springtime, and not just because of the eponymous date. You can really focus on the food aspect of this party theme and serve your guests delicious, Mexican-inspired cuisine. Icy margaritas, chips with homemade salsa and creamy guacamole, and warm tortillas are the perfect foods to complement the festivities. Throw in some boldly colored decorations, and you’ve set the stage for a truly authentic fiesta.

Backyard Casino

A friendly poker game is an excellent way to entice your guests. Invest in a set of poker chips and a few decks of playing cards and set up a round table in the yard. Print out several sheets detailing the rules of whatever game you’ll be playing. Serve finger foods that can be easily eaten in one bite, so players won’t have to worry about ruining the cards with their greasy fingers. Foods that are black, white, and red will help you keep the card theme alive. Stuff pre-made phyllo pastry shells with cheddar cheese, black olives, and tomatoes, and bake in the oven for 5-10 minutes. Keep the beverage options simple with beer and sparkling wine, or perhaps a martini bar with premium gin or vodka. Because there’s a good chance that not everyone in your circle is a card shark, you should consider including games for less serious gamblers. Some suggestions include cribbage, gin rummy, and canasta. Instead of asking guests to put up money to play, offer inexpensive prizes to the winners.

Kentucky Derby

This horse-racing event is typically held on the first Saturday in May. Since you may not be able to make it all the way to Louisville for the “Run for the Roses,” why not bring a slice of the festivities to your own backyard? The classic Derby cocktail is a mint julep composed of fresh mint muddled with sugar in a special silver cup, then topped off with ice and Kentucky bourbon. Offer elegant luncheon fares, such as tea sandwiches or quiche. Decorate the yard with plenty of ribbons and roses. If budget constraints are a concern, purchase fabric flowers instead of the real thing. Encourage guests to don the most elaborate hats they can find and ask everyone to vote on their favorites.

When you kick off the season with a party like the ones listed here, you’re setting the stage for a springtime that’s full of surprises. Choosing a unique party theme can be a great way to ensure your guests let loose and enjoy themselves. Cheers!

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