3 Tips for Fun, Safe Trampoline Parties

Trampoline parties are a great way to celebrate birthdays or mark other milestones. They’re fun, they wear out the kids, and services provided by trampoline parks make throwing a party simple and convenient. However, trampoline injuries are on the rise, and some coordination is needed to ensure that you and your family stay safe. Here are three tips for a fun and safe trampoline party.

Avoid Overcrowding

Lots of trampoline injuries happen due to absentmindedness or lack of awareness of others around you. Two people accidentally jump to the same spot, or you jump backward without looking and crash into someone else. Avoid bodily injury by monitoring crowds and limiting the number of guests jumping at the same time. Many trampoline facilities offer discounts for off-peak visits or include other incentives to encourage guests to attend during lower-volume times. For your home or backyard trampoline, ensure an adult is monitoring the kids at all times. Encourage kids to take turns jumping or enact time limits if necessary to rotate each child in and out.

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Leave the Littles at Home

Infants and toddlers are more susceptible to injuries on trampolines compared to their older siblings due to their younger bone structure and developing coordination. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons says that children under 6 should not be allowed on trampolines. Instead, try and coordinate a sitter or provide alternative activities to keep them occupied. If you have no choice but to bring your young children, see if your venue has a separate section for the younger crowd. Accompany your young ones onto the trampoline area if necessary but never jump on the same mat.

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Book Your Party During Off-Peak Hours

Indoor trampoline parks offer the convenience of party rooms, air conditioning, and catering all under one roof. Setup and cleanup are usually provided, and all you need to do is send out invites and bring a cake. Many locations offer significant discounts or additional perks for booking your party during the early hours or weekdays. These off-peak hours also have the advantage of being less crowded than weekend afternoons, allowing your party to have the run of the place and enjoy themselves to the fullest. Take advantage of the sparse crowds and coordinate games and challenges to keep your party interesting.

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Trampoline parks are popular places to host a party as they’re located everywhere, provide conveniences for busy parents, and are fun for both kids and adults. However, be sure that everyone has a good time by maintaining awareness and coordinating your jumps to avoid collisions and serious injuries. Most of all, enjoy and have fun!
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