3 Bachelorette Party Tour Ideas to Celebrate Your Moment

Bachelorette parties are a time when the bride can celebrate her last few days as a single woman before saying, “I do.” The party is meant to be fun and should include an outing to make it a memorable and exciting occasion. When you’re in the planning process, there are a few bachelorette party ideas to consider when getting ready for your outing if you want to take a tour.

Monument Tours

A great way to spend your bachelorette party is to take a road trip where you can have an escape with your bridesmaids with an excursion, whether driving in the car or an RV. According to Make Time to See the World, “possibly one of the most epic road trips you could ever take if you had 3-4 weeks in the USA. Travel coast to coast from Los Angeles to New York crossing 12 states and checking out some of the amazing highlights this huge and diverse country has to offer.” Consider taking a road trip tour to visit magnificent monuments in the U.S. Some of the top monuments to visit include the Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore, Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and the Statue of Liberty. You can learn more about the rich history of the U.S. and enjoy exploring multiple states while on the open road.

Microbrew Tours

Many brides choose to take a microbrew tour where they can learn how different the process of making microbrew and sampling beer in a fun and relaxed setting. Consider traveling to a city that’s home to multiple breweries. According to Denver Microbrew Tour, “there are more than 50 breweries and taprooms within the city of Denver alone. Statewide, Colorado has more than 150 breweries, making it the third biggest brewery state in the country.” Washington has 136 craft breweries, which includes Pyramid Brewery in Seattle. It’s also home to Yakima Brewing & Malting Co, which was the first American microbrewery.

Wine Tour

If you’re in the mood to relax and unwind in a beautiful setting, consider taking wine tours on a trip that is planned for your bachelorette party. California is an incredible place to visit wineries where you can explore 4,391 different vineyards. According to Wine Paths, “Napa Valley remains the largest wine region in America and home to more highly rated wineries than anywhere else in the country. Although the region contributes only 4% to California’s entire production, the vineyards here produce arguably the most revered (and expensive) wines in the USA – while wine tourism is exceptionally catered for with five star hotels, gourmet restaurants and luxury spas.” Some of the top locations where wineries are present include the Santa Cruz Mountains and Livermore Valley. New York State is another popular place to take wine tours with 395 wineries situated in the Finger Lakes region and the North Fork.Bachelorette parties should be a time to create new memories with your closest friends and try new activities. By considering taking a tour, you can become more passionate about a specific topic or hobby while increasing your knowledge on a specific subject. It can also give you some great stories to tell in the future.

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