Tips for Hosting A Post-Lockdown BBQ

Now that restrictions dealing with social get-togethers are being somewhat lightened, you may be thinking about planning a BBQ this summer. After such a crazy time, it would be refreshing to get together with friends for an enjoyable evening. However, even with being post-lockdown, there are certain factors you should be aware of as you plan your BBQ to help keep everyone safe..

Consider Local Guidelines

Before you get started planning your BBQ, consider looking up the local guidelines of your area. Each state and city is reacting slightly differently in the way that they are easing restrictions, so it helps to do your research to be prepared. Knowing what you are allowed to do, and what you should avoid in order to keep others safe will help you to have an enjoyable BBQ. The guidelines may advise you to restrict the size of get-togethers or to wear a mask around others in public and stand six feet apart for proper social distancing. Whatever your local guidelines are, highly consider adhering to them in order to keep your invited guests and yourself safe.

Inviting Guests

When thinking of who to invite, be cautious when making your guest-list. Even though you want to invite all your friends to your BBQ, you may need to limit the invitations you send out to adhere to social distancing practices. Be courteous and understanding if some individuals turn down your invitation. Some of your friends may not be up for parties or BBQs anytime soon. When inviting your guests, let them know the guidelines that you will be following for the BBQ so that they are not caught unawares or unprepared.

Choosing a Location

Once you’ve decided who you are inviting, you’ll need to pick a location. If your city has opened up its local parks, consider using one as a location for your BBQ. Just be sure to adhere to the guidelines of the city. If you’ve designed your home’s yard for hosting parties, it might be the perfect place for your BBQ. With the weather turning nice, you can choose anywhere to host your BBQ.

After such a crazy time, you’re probably ready to have that summer BBQ. Although circumstances might be different than in previous years, you can still have a good time. Just remember to be cautious and abide by your local guidelines, be considerate of those you invite, and choose a safe location so that you can have an enjoyable get-together post-lockdown.

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