Throw a Memorable Holiday Shindig on a Budget

’Tis the season to throw a party.

Yes, a big shindig for family and friends is as integral to the holidays as a turkey dinner or wrapping presents, and it’s about time you had one at your house. However, you may feel a bit skittish if you’re trying to save money for the other expenses that Thanksgiving and Christmas bring with them.

Start With a Cool Invitation

Sure, you could just give everyone on your guest list a phone call, but that’s no fun. Get them excited about your special event and use Invitd to send invitations by text message. The free app offers a ton of holiday designs so you can send out great invitations without breaking the budget.

Choose the Right Decor

’Tis also the season to be jolly, and your home interior should reflect the festive atmosphere. Don’t reinvent the wheel, though, as traditional holiday decor is always a winner. Though you may be tempted by a passing trend, tried-and-true items like wreaths, mistletoe and ball ornaments provide all the color you need, and you’ll save money when using them again next year. Like your invitations, they’re all available online, which makes shopping that much easier.

Tickle Their Taste Buds

This can be done without breaking the bank if you know the right recipes. Real Simple suggests starting off with dips and crostini, which you can make yourself from a couple of baguettes that cost next to nothing. Other tips include sticking with less expensive cuts of meat, then using a slow cooker to make it melt in the mouth and pop with flavor.

Serve a Great Cocktail

Here’s a way to get your guests to cut loose and let it all hang out. A large-batch cocktail does the trick while saving you time and money, as all you need are a few ingredients, a big bowl and a ladle. The idea of strawberry pisco punch or vodka mint lemonade should have your mouth watering already.

Make a Groovy Playlist

This is what really sets the mood, or at least it could if everyone wasn’t sick and tired of hearing the same Christmas songs over and over again, year after year. Well, here is a 14-hour holiday music playlist that hits all the right notes by mixing the all-time classics with a plethora of modern selections, and it’s as cheap as a Spotify connection.

Plan Some Activities

Even the best parties tend to fizzle out if there’s nothing to get your guests mixing and mingling. This is why you need a few games, though you don’t need to rush out and buy anything. Instead, use your computer to print out instructions and scorecards for a spirited round of charades, bingo or Pictionary, among other classics.  

Keep It Safe

Though you should be focused on fun, you need to make sure nobody gets hurt, and that takes a bit of effort if there are children running around. You may want to anchor cabinets to the wall before one of the tykes tries to climb to the top, and the same goes for your television. Also block off any rooms that you don’t want anyone going into.

Give Out a Unique Favor

There’s no need to invest too much money to make something memorable. Yes, we said “make,” which is easy to do with some clear instructions, and you’ll save money. Ideas include potted succulents, jars of popcorn or infused salts to put the finishing touch on a wonderful holiday affair.

Take these steps, and the only problem you’ll have is repeating this success next year, as your guests will be begging you to throw another party when the holidays roll around again.

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